Skott Ahn took the stage during LG's press conference during CES 2013 and announced some highlights for the firm's 2013 product line. He said the company wants to focus on free, natural feeling user interfaces. Ahn showed an example of how LG is making touch products in the home smarter by creating one single touch connection application. In a demo video, LG imagined a smart home where devices, such smartphones, can quickly interact with a TV using a "smart touch." But LG is taking this beyond TVs to washing machines and other home appliances. You can tap your phone to the washing machine to update it and see the cycle information. Or you can tap your fridge and get shopping lists. "You should be free and natural with the way you interact with your home," the company said.

"This is not a concept," Ahn said, noting that consumers will be able to take advantage of smart touch in LG's 2013 product portfolio, which includes phones, refrigerators, washers and dryers and more.

Back to user interfaces, LG said you'll be able to change channels on your TV by writing numbers, or use your finger to control your TV instead of voice controls.