Curved TVs, flat TVs, they’re all here in full force at CES. When there are so many options out there, which do you choose? Well, why not get the best of both worlds? A number of companies are showing off flexible TV technology here at CES, and we just got our eyeballs on LG’s monster UHD OLED TV, which is bendable at the touch of a button. We saw Samsung demo similar technology at the company’s event earlier this week. It seems the future of television will definitely be bending TVs, which sounds weirdly futuristic and not at all possible. But we saw it with our own two eyes.

The model we saw was a 77-inch 4K Flexible OLED TV, and it looked incredible. You don’t think video can look any better than 1080p—that resolution looks terrific and beautiful as it is. But 4K content on a beast TV like this looks unbelievable, unreal, like you’re there, watching whatever content is playing on the TV live. The OLED technology makes the video that much better; it’s insanely crisp, bright, and blacks are deep, like closing your eyes after a long day of roaming the CES floor.

The rest of LG’s 4K lineup looks terrific as well, but we couldn’t help be mesmerized by the company’s bending future. The effect is subtle, especially when you’re on a show floor with sounds and other TVs shoved in your face. But the content on the 77-inch prototype looks good whichever way you slice it; I can only imagine how action movies will look down the road. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to mount a TV that bends at your command, but the stand affixed to the TV’s button is quite nice, and the unit overall look incredible and well designed (as you’d expect in a show stopping product).

There are a ton of TVs here on the show floor—more than I or any normal human being can handle—but this is perhaps one of the most beautiful. The ability to bend at will is incredible—imagine what an owner of a tube TV would say—and the OLED technology displays some very, very lovely picture. I’d put this on my Christmas wish list, but unfortunately LG is just in the prototype phase, and doesn’t have much of a planned roadmap for when/if this will be available to consumers. When/if it does become available, however, you can bet it’ll be quite expensive. But it bends! That should be justification enough.