LG’s plans to build a fancy new HQ off the Hudson River in New Jersey will finally proceed. The news follows a ruling from Superior Court Judge Alexander H. Carver III that dismissed two lawsuits against the company claiming its planned facility would ruin the Palisades’ natural beauty. The court ruled that the South Korean company had met the necessary requirements regarding jobs welfare, green building design, energy efficiency as well as offering sufficient light, air and open space.

The South Korean OEM was facing off against a number of groups, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Natural Resources Defense Council, which claimed LG’s plans would ruin the Palisades. In a statement last month, Met spokesperson Harold Holzer argued that “there is no place in the world that you can see a space that a 17th century explorer saw. Only in New Jersey. That’s something to cherish, not to violate.”

In response to early opposition, LG launched a PR website in an effort to combat claims the building would ruin the Palisades. While a number of published renderings depicted a massive white building rising out of the forest, LG noted that the actual design called for a glass exterior that would be much less visible and blend in with the environment. The headquarters is also located a quarter-mile inland from the actual Palisades.