LG unveiled the X Cam and the X Screen during Mobile World Congress 2016, where we had a chance to check out both phones first hand.

The X Cam, as its name implies, is all about the camera. It’s technically a mid-range or even entry-level device, but LG felt that those sorts of phones should also come with some of the features found in flagships. There’s no way everything can be included at a lower-price point, so in this case LG just tried to focus on the camera.

The X Cam, at least in the hand, felt like a pretty cheap smartphone. The screen isn’t very sharp and it has that “plasticky” feeling you’re probably familiar with.  The back has a wide-angle 5MP camera and a normal 13MP camera, which means you can easily swap between the two. This is actually similar to what’s on the LG G5, though the flagship features even sharper modules.

LG hasn’t yet announced pricing but you can expect it sometime next month. Take a look at the device in the gallery above.