Google I:O 2014 Project Tango 4

Even though LG might not be involved with an upcoming Nexus device, the company is still working closely with Google. At I/O this week, a partnership between LG and Google's ATAP team was unveiled during a small presentation, meaning we can expect a LG-made Project Tango device—it sounds like a tablet—sometime next year.

No hardware specifications were revealed, and for that matter a final design likely hasn't been nailed down. But if it's anything like the recently unveiled Project Tango reference tablet, we can expect a pretty solid device. Though, as we're learning with Project Tango, it isn't really about specs, but what the device is capable of doing. For those of you who are spec crazy, we might expect to see the Tegra K1, Unreal Engine 4 and Qualcomm's Vuforia platform stuffed inside.

We got a brief hands-on with Project Tango while at Google I/O this week, so check that out to learn more. Are you excited to get your hands on a Project Tango device? In addition to the specs listed above, the device will also sport a series of custom sensors, including depth sensors and higher resolution cameras to map its surroundings.