Last year Apple made a multi-billion dollar investment into LG Display to begin producing OLED panels on a mass scale. The investment is now starting to pay dividends as LG Display is set to supply Apple with millions of OLED panels for the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

According to South China Morning Post, LG Display is going to supply Apple with 2 to 4 million OLED panels for its iPhone production this year. The report says the panels will be exclusively used for the premium iPhone X models, including the brand new iPhone X Plus that will reportedly come with a 6.5-inch OLED display.

The news bodes well for Appel’s investment into LG Display. After the announcement of the $2.62 billion investment, multiple reports stated LG could not keep up with the demands of supplying Apple with OLED panels.

LG Display is still not close to that number, but in supplying Apple with OLED panels in 2018, it eases the Cupertino company’s dependence on Samsung. The South Korean company was the sole OLED panel supplier for Apple last year because it is the only company that could manufacturer as many display as Apple needed.

It’s unclear if LG Display can take a major step next year to become Apple’s sole supplier of OLED panels, but this year will be a good test.