LG isn’t giving up on wearables even after its last few attempts fell flat. Yet the South Korean company remains committed to this category, and soon we’ll see another smartwatch enter the mix. Expect to see a Wear OS device that blurs the lines between traditional timepiece and smartwatch. That’s how LG wants to win a spot on your wrist.

The Watch W7 will make its global debut in just a couple of days, according to insider Evan Blass.

He didn’t spill any additional details, but there are several leaks and reports that have already done so. The Watch W7, known as the ‘Watch Timepiece’ before, should be a hybrid of different styles. It’ll have a mechanical clock as well as a 1.2-inch (360×360) LCD display.

A few months ago, the smartwatch made it through the FCC. LG didn’t show its consumer-facing name, but the model number LM-W315 wasn’t too different than previous models. The model number LM-W319 appeared shortly thereafter.

With that said, there should be GPS-only and LTE-enabled configurations for the Watch W7.

LG was also named in a Yonhap News report that exposed upcoming smartwatches. Samsung was mentioned as well, and it released the Galaxy Watch during the summer.

In his tweet, Blass says the Watch W7 will arrive alongside the V40 ThinQ. That means we’re not far from seeing a new high-end phone and smartwatch go official. LG has a launch event scheduled for Wednesday, October 3. Now that’ll be a much busier announcement than expected.