If you can't differentiate your Android Wear smartwatch by spicing up the software, the least a company can do is offer premium hardware. We've seen our fair share of so-called smartwatches over the past several months—all successful to a varying degree. But only recently have these devices really wowed us with design.

One company that's been entrenched in the smartwatch race has been LG, which has already released a trio of wrist computers. The Watch Urbane is, unquestionably, its finest.

But is its classic design enough of a draw over something like the Moto 360, which is becoming increasingly affordable, or even LG's own G Watch R? The latter of which is no slouch in the design department, and largely sports the same specs (for under $300).

Wearable enthusiasts want different things out of a smartwatch, and in the case of Android Wear, it needs to be both functional and attractive. The LG Urbane Watch certainly fits the bill, using style to help disguise what is still a very nerdy thing. And, hey, it's one of the only smartwatches to sport Android 5.1.1, though other Android Wear devices will receive the update in due time.

Buying a smartwatch isn't like buying a smartphone. Smartphones have evolved so drastically that you know what you're getting before you buy one. In the case of a device like the G4, you know you're getting solid battery life, a beautiful screen, and a lovely camera. It's much harder with the nascent smartwatch market. The technology and design will eventually catch up to our platonic ideal of what a wearable should be. For now, we have the Urbane.

Check out what Mark thinks about the LG Watch Urbane in the video above. It's a little big, but that just means there's more to love.