Last month, the folks at iFixit got their hands on the Apple Watch, which unsurprisingly isn’t easy to fix on your own. By comparison, repairing LG’s Watch Urbane could be a walk in the park. The wearable device scored an impressive 7 out of 10 from iFixit.

The LG Watch Urbane’s bands swap right out, though opening up the actual device involves dealing with annoying adhesive. That means you’ll also have to reapply some glue when you’re closing the smartwatch back up. Once you’re inside, though, everything seems to come apart quite easily.

The rear case pops right off and the motherboard can be removed after loosening just a few small screws. The 410mAh battery also comes out easily with a bit of prying. Even the OLED display peels off without too much trouble. One small issue, though, is that you’ll need to open the Watch Urbane up from the back, so replacing a cracked screen means taking the entire thing apart just to get to the display.

Besides being easy to fix, the Watch Urbane is set to be one of our favorite Android Wear devices around. It features a classic design that looks more like a traditional watch than a time-telling gadget, and it’s first to run the latest version of Android Wear. If you’re interested in picking one up the device is available now from the Google Store for $349, and headed to AT&T later this month. We hope to bring you more coverage on the watch in the very near future.