LG has yet to announce its Android Wear 2.0 devices, though we basically know everything about them, including how much they’ll cost.

A new report from Android Police, citing trusted sources, claims the wearables will retail for $249 and $349, respectively. As you may have guessed, the LG Watch Sport, the larger, more powerful of the two, will be $349; the smaller LG Watch Style will come in at a more affordable price.

Why the disparity? Well, the LG Watch Sport is expected to sport LTE support, NFC for Android Pay, GPS functionality, and a heart rate sensor. It’s rumored to feature a bigger screen, too, along with more buttons in addition to the digital crown.

Right when the Apple Watch is selling like hot cakes

While we’re excited to see Android Wear 2.0 devices finally hit the market, they couldn’t be arriving at a worse time. Apple this week reported its Apple Watch sold phenomenally well over the past few months; so good, in fact, that it couldn’t keep up with demand.

Whether LG’s new wearables can pique the interest of consumers remains to be seen. It’ll certainly grab the attention of the Android faithful, but having wider appeal is an entirely different beast.

Look out for these watches—and the LG G6—to be announced on February 26.