LG might unleash an all-out beast for photography this fall. In a new leak, mobile industry insider Evan Blass exposes the South Korean company’s design for its upcoming flagship. While most high-end phones pull off impressive shots with one or two cameras, LG wants to push boundaries and show what three cameras can do.

The V40 ThinQ, which will make its debut next month, should have cutting-edge specifications. Before diving into the biggest takeaway from this leak, let’s discuss the other areas.

It’s hidden by a black-colored status bar, but there will be a notch on the V40. The notch will store all components necessary for enhanced selfies as well as facial recognition while maximizing screen real estate. LG, however, has kept its details behind the curtain until showtime.

The switch from ultra-thin foreheads/chins to notches started with the G7 ThinQ earlier this year. Now the notch should be standard for its flagships. Get used to it, folks.

Here’s what the soon-to-be-announced flagship looks like:

Aside from the edge-to-edge screen topped off with a notch, the most striking thing about the V40 will be its multi-camera setup on both sides. LG seems prepared to embrace a dual-camera setup on the front and triple-camera setup on the back. So that would mean there are five cameras in total.

The triple-camera setup should feature a 20MP primary lens, a 16MP wide-angle lens, and a 13MP telephoto lens. Meanwhile, we’re unsure of what the dual-camera setup up front has. It’ll likely be comprised of primary and wide-angle lenses, though.

Inside, LG’s V40 should also have a Snapdragon 845. But the other specifications have yet to emerge online.

The exterior has a dedicated button for Google Assistant, too.

We already know the V40 goes official on Wednesday, October 3. LG hasn’t mentioned when it’ll go on sale, but the date on this leaked press render says November 16. With that, we suspect mid-November will be selected as the global release date.