LG won’t be messing around this fall when it releases a new flagship. If the rumor mill turns out to be right, the V40 will be a beast unlike anything we’ve seen in the past.

The V40 will ship with a triple-camera setup on the back, according to multiple reports. It was first mentioned last month by Android Police alongside a new facial recognition technology. Now we’re getting some more details on what exactly will go into this complex system.

You should expect to see 20MP, 16MP, and 13MP lenses on the back of the V40. LG, based on a new report from ETNews, will pair three different types of lenses to produce stunning photos. The V40 will have primary, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses working together at the same time.

While the dual-camera setup is common these days, only a very small number of phones have a triple-camera setup. Maybe that’ll become an industry trend in 2019.

Up front, the report suggests the V40 will ship with two front-facing cameras for 3D facial recognition. The world has seen how useful (and accurate) Face ID is on the iPhone X; therefore, hardware manufacturers are rushing to replicate the technology.

LG might be loading up the V40 with various cameras and sensors in an effort to make this a groundbreaking flagship on the market. As of late, we’ve seen the South Korean company’s high-end phones underwhelm both critics and consumers.

The announcement seems likely for IFA 2018 in late August, but LG probably wouldn’t begin selling the V40 until sometime in October. LG tends to have lengthy gaps between launch and release dates. From the report, the V40 could see a global roll-out on October 5.