Before LG’s 2018 flagship is even announced, we’re seeing leaks for two other upcoming high-end phones.

The V35 ThinQ and V40 ThinQ are both in development with their codenames and release dates surfacing online this week. Mobile industry insider Evan Blass took to Twitter to reveal what they’re known as internally and when we should expect to see them. LG appears to be preparing one to enter the market around the same time as the G7 ThinQ while the other is scheduled to arrive less than six months.

With the V40 ThinQ, LG should be expected to have significant improvements over its predecessors as newer components become available. The V35 ThinQ will likely have incremental changes over the V30S.

Going by Blass’ information, the V35 ThinQ will be released this spring. It’s known as “Emma” behind closed doors, aligning with the G7 ThinQ (“Judy”) that’s set to debut next month. Meanwhile, LG is using “Storm” for the V40 ThinQ. The major upgrade for the V series should be announced and released in the late summer or early fall.

ThinQ, by the way, is the branding LG uses for artificial intelligence. It’s packing features like image and voice recognition into its phones but with the importance placed right in any new phone’s name.

The strategy to release more than two high-end phones isn’t what we recommended to the company earlier this year. Because the mobile division is struggling to fight declining revenue, LG is much better off focusing on or two flagships in addition to the usual group of entry-level mobile devices.

LG does have a launch event scheduled, and it’ll take place on May 2 in New York City. It’s where we’ll see the G7 ThinQ make its global debut. Following that, LG will shift its attention to the V series which headlines its lineup in the second half of the year.