When LG’s latest flagship is announced (the V30), it’ll comes with the brand new UX 6.0+ that takes better advantage of the new display. The new update brings a ton of sweet tricks like a relaunching of the Second Screen and revamping the camera functionality.

The V series’ (V10, V20, and now V30) main selling feature has been the extra Second Screen at the top that operates independently from the main display. It could be used to house frequently used apps and other functions. LG is doing away with the extra display to make room for the new 18 x 9 FullVision OLED display, so it’s incorporating the bar into the main display. The row of icons will be an independent Floating Bar. If it’s not needed anymore, it can be dragged off the display completely.

UX 6.0+ is also updating the camera’s Manual Mode with better integration with Graphy. It’ll give V30 users better control of camera settings like white balance, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. LG didn’t elaborate or provide examples of how the functionality will work, but it may be similar to how the highly popular photo app Prisma adjusts images.

The other two main features arriving with the UX 6.0+ update are expanded unlocking modes and the upgraded always-on display. Users will now be able to unlock the V30 through two methods: Facial Recognition and Voice Recognition. Facial Recognition will unlock the phone by scanning the users face while Voice Recognition will unlock the phone through voice dictation of a specific passphrase—preferably three to five syllables. Each mode will not require pressing any buttons or swiping on the phone’s display.

The Always On display will boast a wider array of functions when the device is locked. The Clock, Quick Tools, Music Player or personal photograph will now be displayed.

The new UX 6.0+ will first be available with the V30, which is expected to be officially announced later this month.