The upcoming LG V20 will have a removable battery, but it won’t adopt the G5’s modular design, according to a new report. That means users won’t be able to add things like camera grips or improved speakers.

When it introduced the G5 at Mobile World Congress back in February, LG convinced us that modular smartphones were the future, so we assumed all future LG phones (high-end ones, at least) would have one. But not the V20.

According to CNET Korea, although the V20 will have a removable battery and a microSD card slot, LG will not be producing new “Friends” add-ons for the device. Still, the handset will have a pretty unique design, according to the renders above.

As you can see, the bottom of the V20 slides out just like it does on the G5, and that’s where you’ll find its battery pack. One half of the handset’s back panel is also removable, and beneath that is where you’ll find the microSD card slot (and probably the SIM card slot, too).

It’s hard to confirm these renders ahead of LG’s official unveiling, of course — but it should be noted that CNET Korea did accurately reveal the design of the G5 months before it was launched. We have faith in its latest claims, then.

LG will make the V20 official at a press event in San Francisco tomorrow, September 6. It will become the first Android device to ship with Nougat pre-installed. The device will also offer a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC for first-class sound.