The Sharp Aquos stands out among other smartphones because its display appears to have almost no bezels around its borders. It’s incredible to hold a smartphone with that kind of expansive screen, and LG recently announced a new panel that has the “world’s narrowest bezel.” That means we might soon see plenty of new phones that offer barely any bezels, just like the Sharp Aquos.

LG on Thursday announced its new 5.3-inch Full HD panel which has just a 0.7mm bezel on each side. As you can see in the images above, it’s practically all pixels, with just a sliver along the edges. The new screen will allow smartphone manufacturers to plop this right on some hardware without adding much of a side bezel at all, and allowing for a more immersive smartphone experience, and that’s exactly why LG built it. “With the growing trend for large screen smartphones, customer demand for displays with a narrow bezel is increasing, because it enables users to enjoy the maximum use of screen area without compromising excellent grip and design,” said LG’s vice president and head of IT/mobile Byeong-koo Kim.

So how was LG able to do it?

The company explained that it uses an adhesive instead of tape to seal the sides of the panel using what it calls “Neo Edge” technology. “Because there is no plastic guide panel to attach the panel and backlight, the Neo Edge technology helps achieve minimal bezel width, while blocking light leakage and being waterproof and dustproof,” LG explained. The new method should also improve the durability of displays that otherwise face the risk of corrosion with double-sided tape.

Mass production of the new displays is set for November and LG said it will ship the first batch to customers in China.