After announcing that it would release a curved 6-inch smartphone later this year, LG dropped another bombshell today, unveiling three new battery designs that it claims will revolutionize the industry. LG Chem published a press release this morning, announcing the Stepped, Curved and Cable batteries it plans to feature in future generations of smartphones.

The Stepped Battery, which is designed to fill in extra space and give the device more power, is already being used in the company’s flagship LG G2, while the curved battery is already in production and will likely power the company’s upcoming 6-inch device.

While LG says it plans to lead the market when it comes to truly flexible smartphones, it looks like the first bendable devices are still at least a few years away. The South Korean company claims that its Cable Battery, a flexible design that works even when tied in a knot, will be ready for production in the “upcoming years.” That doesn’t mean another company won’t beat LG to market, but we wouldn’t get our hopes up for a flexible smartphone for at least a few more product cycles.