Hey U! No, not you, U+! That’s the rumored name of LG’s new 4G LTE monster, and today we got a closer look at the beast that is allegedly capable of up to 75Mbps data speeds. Aside from its 8MP HD camera, lovely 720p HD IPS display and dual-core Snapdragon processor, the LG U+ looks, well, just like any other Android phone, especially the Samsung Galaxy S II. But the phone also looks like a 3rd generation iPhone. Apple is going to have to add LG to it’s litigation list sooner or later.

But let’s take a gander that that back panel. Is anyone reminded of the Harlem Globetrotters? The dimply basketball look is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. There’s evidence of a front-facing camera and touch-sensitive Menu and Back panels, though the Home panel is a nice, brushed silver and we’re not sure if it will be granted any extra special powers.

Whatever the case, there’s another LTE device in LG’s pipeline. Hopefully it will travel to US shores, but for now, we can only dream.

[Via: Cetizen]