LG’s G Watch is expected to launch in the next few months, but it looks like the company may already be planning ahead for its next smartwatch release. A trademark filed earlier this month by the South Korean company reveals plans for a device called the “W Watch” that should come packed full of biometric sensors.

The W Watch may offer a number of fitness features, tracking your exercise, body fat, pulse, heartbeat and more. The device would also serve the same purpose as a regular smartwatch, intercepting text messages, calls, data and images sent to your smartphone. The trademark filing covers smartphones, pulse measuring devices and smartwatches, suggesting this could be be an extremely versatile device.

Unfortunately, the trademarked name doesn’t reveal much about the device. It’s possible the W Watch could be a follow-up to the G Watch, or even a special variant designed for hospital use. It’s also possible that while “G” stands for Google, the “W” could stand for Windows. This seems pretty unlikely though, and there’s been no recent indication that Microsoft is developing its own wearables operating system to compete with Android Wear.

For now the W Watch is a mystery, and there’s no guarantee we’ll ever know what that W stands for. Just because LG trademarks a name doesn’t mean it will ever be put to use, though maybe some of those fitness tracking features will find their way into the upcoming G Watch when it’s unveiled this Summer.