LG this week already unveiled a strange levitating speaker. Now, the Korean company has announced a speaker that doesn’t sit on your nightstand or among your home setup. Instead, the LG Tone Studio is a vibrating speaker that wraps around your neck. Is this what will become of the post-headphone jack era?

There are actually two speakers depending on how advanced you want your neckband technology to be. The Tone Studio features four speakers that LG claims provides wearers with a full surround sound experience. The Tone Free, meanwhile, is similar in functionality to the Tone Studio with one important difference: it features wireless earbuds, which charge when stored inside of the neckband.

LG says the Tone Studio was designed with input from experts at DTS to “bring realistic theater-like sound for a cinematic experience wherever you may be.” It also features a Hi-Fi DAC for the most accurate sound possible. LG envisions people wearing these while watching movies or playing games at home.

Just two in a family

The Tone Studio and Tone Free are among an entire lineup of Bluetooth headsets LG plans to unveil at CES next week. The company said it also plans to introduce the Tone Infinim, Tone Ultra, Tone Platinum, Tone Active+, and Tone Pro. No word on whether or not Tone Lōc will be at CES as the lineup’s official spokesman.