The LG Thrill 4G (aka the LG Optimus 3D) has been officially announced. The AT&T device will be available in the coming weeks for an astounding $99.

Wow, what a way to make an entrance.

When we first got a whiff of the mobile 3D experience lo those many months ago, the big question was, which smartphone would bring it to market first — the HTC EVO 3D or the LG Thrill 4G? Well, we now know who won that race, with the former breaking the finish-line tape last month. Now it’s time for AT&T’s contender to hit the scene. And you know what? I’m thinking this new entry could be a game changer.

Frankly, when the EVO 3D launched, I knew a lot of people who snagged it for the better specs and other improvements over the original EVO handset— not necessarily for the 3D aspect. It’s not hard to imagine why. Glasses-free 3D on mobile phones is still a nascent technology, and many people still simply don’t get it. Others do, but might find the altered view a little nauseating. (I fall into this camp. I know, it’s kind of embarrassing.) Criticisms plagued the EVO 3D’s spotlighted feature, with reviewers citing grainy visuals and inflexible viewing angles for the three-dimensional experience. So it wasn’t quite compelling enough to average end users to plunk down $200 for that alone. As such, it has remained kind of a novelty, something that was sort of besides the point and only for people who could afford to blow a couple hundred bucks.

With the Thrill, things are a little different. One hundred dollars is way more within reach of mere mortals. So even though its 3D chops are comparable to its HTC counterpart’s, this one offers it up among other (really) lustworthy specs at a much more competitive price point — meaning more people will be able to take this for a spin.

For the money, they’ll get a dual core OMAP4 TI processor, 4.3-inch display (800×480), dual 5 MP 3D stereoscopic rear cameras (for 3D capture), HDMI output, preloaded 3D games, YouTube 3D and mSpot 3D movie access, and even a special LG 3D Space marketplace, for purchasing 3D content. All of that makes for a package that’s pretty enticing. So much so that, frankly, I think the Thrill is mobile 3D’s best chance right now to gain some traction.

What do you think? Do you agree, or am I totally off-base here? And is anyone already planning to snag this deal? Let me know in the comments.