LG has taken to teasing the public prior to its announcements at large trade shows, and it appears Mobile World Congress (MWC) is receiving the same treatment.

MWC kicks off this weekend in Barcelona, Spain, and all of the big mobile companies will be there to show off the latest wares. While HTC opted to announce its new HTC One yesterday, and it appears Samsung may announce the Galaxy S IV on March 14, there will still be plenty of news coming out of the largest mobile trade show of its kind.

LG started teasing us earlier this month with an image on its Facebook page, and a video the following day, and now its back with a second video that teases words such as "style," view," and "freedom." The emphasis on certain letters in the words definitely lead us to believe the video is talking about the new L series and the Vu family of phones, but we're left puzzled by the "f" in "freedom." It looks like there will be at least one surprise at the show.

TechnoBuffalo will be live at MWC, so be sure to stay tuned for all the coverage through out next week.