This afternoon LG at a press conference in NYC showed off the LG Thrill, the first US version of the Optimus 3D. The handset was originally announced back in March, and will be available exclusively on AT&T “in the next couple of months.” While a decent smartphone all of its own, the main draw of the LG Thrill is its ability to capture and display 3D content glasses-free, adding dimension and depth to your everyday phone experience.

At the beginning of the event Tim O’Brian, VP of marketing for LG, said “3D is a promise in progress,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m still not totally sold on this whole 3D smartphone thing. That said, the 3D functionality on the Thrill is pretty cool to look at. It looks pretty similar to the glasses free display on the Nintendo 3DS, and gives average things like your phone menu a “Wow” factor. The technology is certainly not something I could see myself using on a constant daily basis, but it can be turned off and on, and could pretty fun to have on hand for playing a game or two, or impressing friends at parties. Pictures you take in 3D can also be transferred into 2D on the phone, so if you want to share a picture with someone who doesn’t have a 3D handset they can see your picture just like it was taken using a traditional camera.

Video shot on the Thrill can be uploaded directly from the phone to YouTube 3D. Through a partnership with YouTube, the handset is going to be used later this summer for the “World’s First 3D user generated concert,”  a Janes Addiction concert that will be broadcast on YouTube 3D.

LG Thrill Specs

  • 4.3” parallax-barrier LCD screen
  • Android 2.2 (eventually upgradeable to 2.3)
  • 1GHz dual-core/dual-channel processor
  • 2 rear-facing 5-megapixel cameras for 3D video and photo capture
  • 1080p 30fps 2D video capture
  • 720p 24fps 3D video capture
  • microSD, microSDHC expansion up to 32GB

What do you guys think about 3D on phones? Is it a feature you’re excited about, or something you would just as soon pass up?