LG has already announced and teased several new devices ahead of Mobile World Congress, which officially kicks off in Barcelona next week. Now it has a teaser video that shows some of the new devices, though one part of it that stuck out was a demo of the "Knock Code" feature that's being introduced on the LG G Pro 2.

LG's KnockOn lets you wake up the device with two taps. With Knock Code, you can unlock your phone by tapping on various parts of the screen is succession. In the video above, you can see a quick four-tap code that unlocks the phone. It might not seem very secure, but presumably you'll be the only one who knows that pattern – and any other tap order wouldn't wake the phone up. Right now it's unclear if this feature will be added to existing devices such as the G2 and G Flex, though we hope it can be applied in a small software update.

MWC should turn out to be a big show for LG. We're also expecting to see the G2 mini and its new L Series smartphones. Perhaps there will even be a few surprises in store.