When LG bought webOS from HP back in 2013 we weren’t sure what to think, but it wasn’t long before the company’s plan for a webOS-powered TV came to light. Now it looks like LG might have another idea for the failed mobile operating system: shrink it down and slap it on a smartwatch.

LG actually leaked the news itself earlier today; accidentally publishing a webpage on its site that promises a “webOS SmartWatch” is on the way. The page was quickly pulled, but not before screenshots could spread online. For now it looks like the wearable webOS could be limited to an SDK for app developers who want to get started on the new platform, so it could be a while before the first official smartwatch hits the market.

WebOS actually works pretty well as a smartTV operating system, and we’re curious to see how LG could scale the same software down to power a watch. It’s unclear exactly why the company is pushing away from Android Wear, but it could have something to do with the tight grip Google is using to control every piece of hardware running its new OS. We doubt LG will ever come out and give an official reason, but the decision to launch a competing platform for wearables pretty much speaks for itself.