Several LG executives have been indicted after Samsung accused them of interfering with and, ultimately, damaging appliances before the IFA trade show in Berlin this past September. The alleged sabotage may have even prevented some of those LG executives from attending a similar show, CES 2015, back in January. LG, now on the defensive, has published surveillance video of the alleged attack on Samsung washing machines.

The video lasts about 9 minutes and shows LG executives clearly checking out several of Samsung's appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines. They open and close the doors of the appliances several times, and appear to try to test the strength of the door joints – pulling down on a refrigerator at one point. It look as though LG is simply trying to test the strength of a product developed by a competitor, and there doesn't seem to be any direct sabotage, at least not in the film we're looking at, which is obviously what LG wants you to see.

One LG executive cited by Reuters suggests this is all just a big misunderstanding. "There were many people around me besides those I was on this business trip with, and Samsung workers were looking on right next to us," LG's home appliance head Jo Seong-jin explained. "They would not have stood by had I deliberately damaged a washing machine. I apologize from the bottom of my heart once again to have unintentionally caused such trouble at a time of difficult economic conditions." Jo's lawyer told The Wall Street Journal that the "truth will be revealed in the courts."

Samsung, meanwhile, has argued that the sabotage took place at a time when the camera wasn't focused on the actions that ultimately damaged four washing machines, which LG has since paid for. This video may help paint a picture of evidence, but the court will ultimately decide which firm is in the right.