I recently wrote an editorial pondering whether or not LG was the correct firm for Google to partner with on the Nexus 4. I wrote it largely because it seemed like LG wasn't able to keep up with the intense demand for Google's latest flagship smartphone, but now LG is suggesting that the supply issues aren't its fault.

Speaking with Chosun Ilbo recently, the firm suggested that the Nexus 4 has been "produced without a hitch." and that there isn't a supply problem. The spokesperson also suggested that there's no truth to rumors that LG will unveil a Nexus 5 unit next month during Mobile World Congress. The comments seem a bit bizarre to us, however, because clearly the launch does have a few hitches. Google even blamed LG, and the phone maker is responsible for building and delivering the phone to Google, but consumers still can't pick one up easily.

At some point we need to point fingers at LG if supply can't meet demand.