LG announced a new G3 promotion on Monday in which it’s going to offer a free virtual reality experience for folks who buy a new LG G3. It’s clearly a bid to attract folks away from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, which works with the $200 Gear VR accessory.

The promotion, called “VR for G3” will be held in “select markets” where LG is packaging the LG G3 with a modified version of Google Cardboard and a free game, Robobliteration. The game will be accessible as a download using an in-box QR code, the company said.

The VR for G3 “features a unique design that leverages the G3’s signature rear key layout,” that “takes full advantage of the flagships phone’s 1W speaker with Boost AMP to provide richer, clearer sound effects that complement the rich visual.” It also works with LG’s Bluetooth headsets.

LG said it won’t require assembly and features the same theneodynium ring magnet that works with the gyroscope in the G3. You can get a better look at the unit in the images above, where it’s clear that the product uses material that’s a bit more sturdy than cardboard and appears to be plastic.

LG didn’t provide information on the markets where the package will be available, so you might want to check with your local carrier or retailer before expecting the bundle to come free. We reached out to LG to clarify on specific markets and will update this story when we hear back.