When one blogger confronted LG after discovering the company's smart TV had been chronicling everything he watched—even after he turned the data collection setting off—and then sending that information to a centralized server the company dismissed his complaints, pointing to the Terms and Conditions he accepted upon activating the device. But after the story was covered by news sites around the world and even made the front page of Reddit, the South Korean company appears more willing to change its practices.

In a public statement, LG admitted to logging its users' viewing habit even after this setting is manually turned off. The company goes on to argue that this data is used to make viewing recommendations similar to what Netflix and a number of other services do, claiming it never actually stored individual private data. LG also said it's working on an update that will make its privacy settings actually work in the future.

LG also responded to the troubling news that its smart TVs track not just streaming content but also anything you view using an external USB. The company claims this data will be used to build a new service that would search the Internet for information on specific TV shows and movies, though it didn't reveal when the service would be available or how it would use your personal information.