LG has pumped out a steady succession of sleek round smartwatches, but the company may take a different route with its next wearable. A recent FCC filing reveals a pretty bulky device potentially on the way from the South Korean giant.

The new wearable, which is listed by its model number LG-VC110, features a square 1.77-inch display and a microUSB charging port. The design appears to consist of a single piece of rubbery black plastic, along with a bezel that could be either metal or metallic plastic.

Under the hood LG’s new smartwatch packs Wi-Fi support along with CDMA bands. That means it could theoretically offer a direct data connection, which could be useful if you want to go out for a run or hit the gym and leave your phone at home. According to SlashGear, the new device won’t run Android Wear. It’s also apparently a fitness focused product, suggesting it won’t need a particularly complicated operating system. Hopefully that also means a low price.

There’s no word on when we’ll see this new smartwatch unveiled, though it likely won’t be long now that it has FCC approval. It’s possible we’ll learn more at IFA 2015 next month, though LG hasn’t said anything to indicate it will announce a new wearable at the annual tech show.