LG has decided to delay its official unveiling of LG Pay. The service was originally scheduled to make its debut at Mobile World Congress later this month, but LG will now wait until the second quarter in an effort to provide the upcoming G5 with more exposure.

“LG Electronics has delayed the official launch of LG Pay to the second quarter of this year to help the new LG flagship smartphone ― G5 ― receive more media attention,” the company said in a statement to Korea Times.

It seems a somewhat strange reason to delay a payments service, since it’s a totally different product to a smartphone. If anything, LG Pay likely would have given the G5 more exposure given its competition with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Some reports have suggested the real reason for the delay is LG is struggling to gain support from major credit card issuers in key markets like the United States. Unlike its biggest rivals, LG Pay is set to launch with a universal credit card in addition to smartphone compatibility.

LG insists, however, that the G5 is its priority right now, so it is focusing its efforts on that instead. The device will get its official unveiling in Barcelona on February 21, and it is expected to be a big improvement over last year’s G4 inside and out.

According to recent reports, we can expect a high-end form factor, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor, a dual rear-facing camera, and an “Always On” Quad HD display.