Samsung and Apple have been at one another’s throats for years and, to this day, continue to fight in U.S. courtrooms (though international suits have all been dropped.) Apple might want to take a look at what LG’s working on, however, because a recent patent shows off a phone that looks an awful lot like the iPhone.

At first glance, if one were to just look at the picture, one might assume that this is a device crafted by Cupertino. Instead, the designs you see above are part of an LG patent for a new smartphone that was originally filed in October 2012. The circular home button is the main copycat look, though LG may have tweaked that along the way to the sort of oval home buttons we saw on some earlier Optimus devices. We admit, from the sides it looks like any other smartphone and doesn’t have the same sharp edges found on Apple’s current iPhones.

As we always say with patents, just because it was filed doesn’t mean it will be used. We doubt we’ll ever see something like this out of LG, but with the patent it seems anything is possible.