LG just announced on Tuesday that customers who purchase the new LG G3 flagship smartphone in the United States will receive an extra 3,000mAh battery and a battery charging cradle for free. The company said the two products are valued at $70. It's certainly a solid offer, though we haven't had any complaints with the LG G3 battery and often find it lasts well more than a day.

LG said the offer is good between now and Sept. 22 and that it applies to G3 smartphones purchased inside carrier stores or from authorized retailers both in-store and online. You shouldn't expect to receive the free battery and cradle at the time of purchase, however. LG has a website dedicated for the rebate where you can submit your request for the components. The company said that refurbished, used and G3 units acquired through "warranty or insurance claims" don't apply for the promotion.

After you fill out the rebate form with your IMEI number and proof of purchase, LG will send you the battery and cradle within 4 to 6 weeks. While the promotion ends on Sept. 22, which means you need to buy a new G3 before that date, the rebate simply needs to be postmarked before Oct. 6. Of note: it backdates to tomorrow, so if you just picked up a G3 yesterday you're still eligible.