LG has begun issuing refunds for faulty Nexus 5X handsets that cannot be repaired. The hardware fault causes the device to enter a never-ending boot loop, and LG has run out of the parts required to fix it.

The Nexus 5X has had more than its fair share of issues since making its debut last October. One of those has proven to be more problematic than the others, forcing owners to send their handset into LG for repair. But that’s no longer possible.

LG says that it has now run out of the parts needed to repair handsets that enter a constant boot loop, and the South Korean company is unable to obtain any more. It has been forced to issue refunds to affected customers instead, but they’ll have to wait for it.

“We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem with your LGH790 and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide a warranty repair,” reads the email sent to Nexus 5X owners. “We have received your device at our repair facility but currently a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available.”

“To rectify this issue, we would like to offer you a refund for the full amount of your device. That amount will be determined by your sales receipt. Your refund can take approximately 4 weeks to receive due to the holiday.”

If you’re one of these customers, you’ve probably already found a spare smartphone to use while you’re without the Nexus 5X. It seems you’ll be holding onto it for a little while longer now, but at least you’ll have the cash for a new one soon.