When Google takes the stage during its I/O conference next month, we're expecting great things: Key Lime Pie, unified messaging, a Nexus 7 follow up and more. But what we won't get, according to SidhTech, citing unnamed sources, is a Nexus 5, or even an X Phone. Apparently the search giant is planning on introducing a Nexus 4 with more storage and LTE support—that's it in the phone department.

SidhTech's report claims Google will reveal a 32GB Nexus 4 that will support LTE and CDMA bands for wider availability across the biggest carriers in the U.S. The two biggest gripes you could throw at the Nexus 4 was its storage and lack of LTE, but it appears Google wants to address both issues. But will that be enough to please those in search of a more up-to-date vanilla Android experience?

The Nexus 4 is still one of the best Android options out there, even if it doesn't (only a few months later) sport the latest specs. The device certainly wouldn't be a bad candidate to run Key Lime Pie first, and it'll certainly garner more interest once LTE and higher storage options are available.

We only have a month until Google's annual extravaganza, so not long now until we know for sure. I still use the Nexus 4 every day, and have been since CES, so I know what a great device it is. Until an actual successor comes out, I'll gladly sport it throughout the year, even if it doesn't support LTE or doesn't have a ton of storage.