LG Nexus 4
After it was revealed the Nexus 4 had the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset guts that other 4G phones carry,  many new, hopeful Nexus 4 users were eagerly awaiting thew news that 4G LTE would be turned on at a later date via firmware update. But alas, LTE will not be coming via any magic firmware update anytime soon.  Late last week an LG spokesperson confirmed via Tech Radar that the Nexus 4 is essentially the LG Optimus G except sans signal amplifier and filter (which is pretty important if you’re looking for LTE connectivity).

Though it looks like the Nexus 4 packs a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, it doesn’t support the full capacity to make its data super speedy.  So no it doesn’t look like the Nexus 4 will get LTE, at least until LG pushes out a Nexus 4 LTE-variant. But then that would get you an LG Optimus G.

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