LG - New Series Will be Unveiled

LG wants everyone to know something new is on the horizon, but they're not going to tell us when we might be seeing it.

With Mobile World Congress starting up in a few weeks in Barcelona, there are sure to be many new phones and tablets being announced in the coming weeks. However, with HTC having an event prior to the big show, and rumors that Samsung will be holding back the Galaxy S IV to an event some time later in the spring, the truly big announcements seem to be skipping Spain this year.

Then LG goes and throws a wrench in the whole thing by posting an image to its Facebook page today that simply says a "new series will be unveiled."

While quite a bit of the speculation online seems to be pointing to the Optimus G Pro, we've already seen that phone, and the term "new series" could also imply that it truly is an entirely new line of phones we have yet to see.

Everything should be unveiled once Mobile World Congress kicks off in a few short weeks, and we'll be there to bring you all of the coverage.