As regular visitors to TechnoBuffalo know, I do a series of videos called Flashback Friday wherein I post a video a week of predictions from the past of what future tech would be like.  While it is usually laughable because they got it so wrong, one thing they were ahead on was appliances that do more for you.  While companies have tried to do this over the years, they have just never really gotten to where they thought they would be by this point.

While sitting in the LG press conference this morning and listening to what they say their appliances will do this year, I couldn’t help but think of those videos, and to think, “Whoa, it’s finally here.”

LG is introducing a slew of new appliances this year that will feature Wi-Fi connectivity for bringing you all sorts of information about what they are doing, the condition of your home and even will upgrade themselves.  I, for one, welcome our new Wi-Fi connected appliance overlords.

HOM-BOT, which sounds a bit too much like “homeboy” to me, is a new roaming vacuum cleaning robot that features Wi-Fi that will transmit to yoru smartphone a map of your house and where it has been so far.  Want to see what’s going on in your house?  Turn on the built-in camera and get a live feed of your home (from robot level).

Do you ever wish your refrigerator would help you with food management?  Now it can.

Ever thought to yourself, “Man, I wish my washer and dryer could learn new cycles.”  Yep, now they can just download them from the Internet and learn whole new washing patterns.

How about if your oven could download recipes for you?  Although I’m not sure if I want to read a recipe while standing in front of the oven, but still intriguing.

We’re hearing that we will see a lot of this this week, so be prepared to hear about home gaining self-awareness and revolting against their owners soon.