LG Lucid 3 evleaks Verizon

A new image suggests LG is preparing to unveil a new entry in its Lucid series, the Lucid 3. It's been about a year since we've seen the last one, so the timing is about right. And if you weren't impressed by the company's G-series or recently unveiled F-series, the Lucid 3 on Verizon might be more your speed. Just, whatever you do, don't look at that awful carrier branding. That awful, awful carrier branding on the front and back. (How must designers feel when their devices are slathered in carrier branding? Not good I imagine.)

The devices look typical of LG: rounded corners, oval home button and familiar UI. The previous Lucid was actually equipped with capacitive buttons, so an actual physical home button is a slight departure for the Lucid crowd; onlookers of the F-series, which we saw at Mobile World Congress, will feel right at home, however. This is likely going to fit right into the mid-range market, but I'd still expect some very respectable specs nonetheless.

Other than that, no real information has been revealed just yet, such as specs and official release date. You can, however, expect it to launch on Verizon—that much is made clear by the excessive branding.