LG introduced plenty of new devices during Mobile World Congress 2014 and, along with them, some new software features that are available in devices such as the G Pro 2 and G2 mini. One of our favorites is called Knock Code, and we took a few pictures and recorded a video to show you how it works.

Instead of using a pattern lock or passcode, you can opt to choose the Knock Code option in the security settings. There are four quadrants, and you tap them in the order you wish to use as your code. When the screen is locked, just tap the display in the order of your Knock Code and the device will unlock. You don’t have to be incredibly accurate, so long as you’re tapping in the right quadrant.

It works really, really well and it’s an awesome new option for unlocking your device. It’s particularly useful if you’re operating with one hand, too. It should be coming to existing devices, like the G2 and the G Flex, though LG hasn’t demoed that software just yet.

Sure, it’s just a security feature, but it shows that there’s real value and work going into LG’s software. Check it out for yourself in our demo on the G2 mini above.