We’re still figuring out exactly what to do with smartwatches, but one thing holding the technology back is battery life. The last thing most people want is another gadget that needs to charge every night. LG is getting us closer to that point.

LG Chem recently revealed a new battery for wearables that it says is already shipping to manufacturers. It boasts a hexagonal design that should increase battery life by about 25 percent compared to traditional rectangular batteries. That means four extra hours of battery life for smartwatch owners, an LG spokesman told The Korea Times.

The new battery is only designed for circular watches. That means it won’t work on the Apple Watch, at least not until Cupertino decides to release a circle-shaped mode, but it could work on several circular Android Wear devices. We assume LG will use the new technology for its future products, though it could also improve future versions of Motorola’s Moto 360, the Huawei Watch or Samsung’s rumored Gear A. LG Chem is reportedly working with one major smartwatch OEM, but it’s not LG Electronics or Apple, The Korea Times said.

An additional four hours may not be a huge deal, though it certainly won’t hurt. It might even make the difference when it comes to lasting through an entire day on a single charge. LG says it’s also working on a few different battery ideas, including “Free Form” and “Stack and Folding,” along with other options. For now just we’re excited to see smartwatch battery life get a boost in the near future.