lg-intuition-screenPeople want bigger smartphones. 4.7-inches is cool, but let’s go bigger. Enter Galaxy Note/Note II. And now, for Verizon, comes the LG Intuition, which is obviously aimed at taking some of the attention off of Samsung’s immensely popular beast-phone.

Here’s the thing: Bigger devices obviously afford much more space to get work done. Email, Web browsing, texting, etc., all that is easier thanks to the amount of screen real estate. The Intuition is no different, though it’s a bit off an oddball thanks to its 5-inch screen with widened 4:3 aspect ratio. It takes some getting used to, and our initial impressions were that it was a bit cumbersome and awkward; one-handed use is pretty difficult because of how wide it is.

There’s a positive, of course, in the form of a roomy on-screen keyboard, which makes typing a breeze. There are trade-offs with this device, and we’re anxious to get a further hands-on with the Intuition to see if it truly can compete with the Note.

We really like the Intuition, at least its screen size, but I think it is far underpowered compared to the Galaxy Note II, which should launch soon with a quad core processor,  a larger 5.5 inch display and Samsung’s signature S Pen. The Intuition is a good holdover, and we will hold our full judgement for the full review, but our first impression is that this is too little too late. We’ll be sure to hit you back with further impressions soon.