LG Smart Bulb

Ever wished your light bulbs could talk to your smartphone? LG has the solution for you with the launch of its new Smart Bulbs.

LG has announced a new line of LED Smart Lamp light bulbs that it says can last up to 10 years with an average use of five hours a day. These, however, are not your average LED lights. The new bulbs can connect to your phone running Android 4.3 or higher, and iOS 6 and above. The bulbs can then act as a visual cue to when your receiving a call, or pulsate to the beat of the music being played from your phone. You can additionally set the bulbs on a timer to turn on when you're away from home to hopefully give potential burglars the impression someone is at home.

The new Smart Bulbs will retail for ₩35,000 (approx. $32.40 USD) in South Korea, and there is no word as of yet if they will be launching anywhere else in the world.

The price does seem a bit high, but considering how long LG expects them to last, along with the additional features they offer, they may be worth a try here or there through out your home.