LG on Wednesday announced the Hub Robot, an adorable robot that’s essentially a butler. You no longer need to be among the rich and famous to have someone—or something—at your every beck and call. If only this thing could drop off your dry cleaning.

The Hub Robot is basically a digital assistant stuffed into a cute little robot, which looks Wall-E’s Eve. LG didn’t demonstrate too many of its capabilities but the company did show the robot responding to a presenter on stage, who told Hub to play music. In a lot of ways, Hub is like a cuter, more personable Echo. It actually uses Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition technology.

LG says the point of Hub Robot is to connect to your array of home appliances and automate and complete tasks, such as turning on the air conditioner or changing a dryer cycle. All of this can be done with a simple verbal command. What’s different from a speaker like the Echo is the Hub Robot sports an interactive display that can showcase information such as the contents inside your fridge and recipes for cooking.

“With its friendly, anthropomorphic design, LG’s Hub Robot can interact with the entire family in a variety of different ways,” LG said in a press release. “It can move and swivel in place, as well as express a wide range of emotions by displaying a face on its display. The hub Robot is designed to respond to consumers using body language, such as nodding its head when answering simple questions, and is always aware of activities inside the home, such as when the family members leave, come home and go to bed.”

Additionally, LG said because the Hub Robot comes with a built-in camera, it’s capable of recognizing family members through facial recognition, and can greet family members differently.

There’s also a lawn mowing robot

The Hub Robot is just part of LG’s family of robots, which ranges from airport guide robots to a robot that will mow your lawn. When I was a kid, I had to mow the lawn as part of my chores. What are kids going to do around the house in 10-15 years?

LG said its airport robot will be tested at Seoul’s Incheon Airport soon, and fully demonstrated its capabilities, which includes the ability to answer a traveler’s questions, provide travel updates, and more. You no longer have to deal with angry airport employees; robots will soon be your concierge.

It’s unclear when the Hub Robot will be available but we should know more soon.