We're reporting live from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show where LG just officially unveiled Home Chat, its new device-to-device smart home communication system. Home Chat, as rumors suggested, allows different electronics, such as smartphones and tablets, to communicate with your home appliances, like your washer and dryer, your refrigerator and more.

LG says it will work with almost everything in the near future, and that it's based off of natural language technology and through a partnership with the popular messaging company Line. "You can text the vacuum to find out its cleaning history," LG said. "You can text the washer and ask what it's doing to find out what status in its cycle it's in."

LG didn't go into too much depth, but we'll be sure to check it out to bring you more. The gist is, however, that you will soon be able to control your washer and dryer, or check your fridge inventory, all through messaging.