Just a little more than a week separates us from the G7 ThinQ. The next flagship from LG is set to launch on May 2, but it’s of course appearing in another leak.

As we’ve seen in recent weeks, LG hasn’t done a very good job hiding the phone until its official announcement. Now we have our best leak yet. Here, we get to see the G7 ThinQ from every angle. Everything from the front to the back to the sides to the top and bottom is revealed.

Check out the latest look at the LG G7 ThinQ, courtesy of Evan Blass:

LG will use a notch, as we’ve seen and heard about many times before in reports. The G7 ThinQ, from the front at least, will heavily resemble Apple’s iPhone X. Aside from having a notch, the edge-to-edge display features a black border. Expect to see LG generate some controversy over how much the G7 ThinQ looks like the iPhone X up front.

Flip the G7 ThinQ over, and you’ll see a dual-camera setup with lenses aligned vertically. LG is following Apple here, too, rather than sticking with lenses on the horizontal axis. Two-tone LED flash and laser autofocus are paired with the cameras, and a fingerprint scanner is below it all.

Fortunately, the South Korean company won’t be getting rid of the headphone jack. Blass’ leaked image shows the bottom of the G7 ThinQ has the auxiliary port next to the USB-C port and speakers.

The most interesting thing from this leak is the layout of the buttons. LG appears to have relocated the power button to the side of the G7 ThinQ. Since 2013, the company merged it with the fingerprint scanner. The G7 ThinQ also has a fourth button on its sides. There’s some belief that it’s a dedicated Google Assistant button, which we’ll surely learn more about during the launch.

The leak might also tell us when LG will release its 2018 flagship around the world. On the display, you can see June 1 listed as the date. LG as well as other companies often put the release dates for their mobile devices on the displays to indicate when sales begin.

Be sure to join us for live coverage from LG’s launch event on Wednesday, May 2. TechnoBuffalo will be on location in New York City to share its take on the G7 ThinQ and what it means for LG.