LG has a launch event set for next week, but before that happens take another look at what’s on the way. Evan Blass, the mobile industry insider at VentureBeat, has posted a press render of the G7 ThinQ six days before it’ll be official. Since we’ve seen the phone countless times in recent weeks, the latest leak doesn’t show us anything new but we’re not complaining.

Shown in black, the G7 ThinQ looks sleek and stylish. LG will use glass for the front and back while a metal frame is in-between. Up front there’s a notch, and around the back is a dual-camera setup.

The leak does remind us that LG is probably moving away from the power button being in the same location as the fingerprint scanner. From the press render, we see four buttons on the left and right sides. That layout should mean the power button is now on the side and an extra button exists, likely for Google Assistant.

If you want to see the phone from every angle, check out another leak Blass put out a few days ago. It shows the G7 ThinQ from the front, back, sides, top, and bottom. There’s really nothing left to the imagination when it comes to the design of LG’s 2018 flagship.

The LG G7 ThinQ will be announced on Wednesday, May 2. Expect plenty of live coverage from TechnoBuffalo immediately following the launch event in New York City.