LG will announce its 2018 flagship next month. Following months of speculation, the South Korean company confirmed it’ll announce the G7 ThinQ on May 2.

Two separate launch events are scheduled. The first, considered the global debut, is in New York City. LG will also bring the G7 ThinQ home for a showcase in Seoul. Despite the difference in time zones, it’s believed the launch events will happen simultaneously or within hours of each other.

Both the name and the G7 ThinQ’s reliance on artificial intelligence have also been confirmed. The ThinQ name is starting to appear on many of LG’s products, and the V30s became the first mobile device to have it. LG says the G7 ThinQ will ship with “sympathetic AI,” which basically means its contextually aware similar to a human.

Just confirming the phone’s existence and scheduling a launch won’t stop leaks, though. Another has surfaced online as the company is now a handful of weeks away from making a major announcement. The G7 ThinQ, according to Android Headlines, will definitely look a lot like Apple’s iPhone X and be offered in five different colors.

Here’s the leaked press render:

Everything aligns with previous leaks, and the press render coming out this week does appear to be authentic. The G7 ThinQ will ship with a notch at the top of its edge-to-edge display and have a vertically-aligned dual-camera setup on the back. There’s also a fingerprint scanner below the cameras.

The G7 ThinQ will enter the world in Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue (Matte), and Raspberry Rose. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect all colors in every market. LG, like most companies, limits availability for some colors. You should at least assume the black and grey varieties will be sold globally.

After its announcement, there shouldn’t be any delay for the G7 ThinQ to start shipping around the world. LG could schedule a release date for the following week.