The year ahead isn’t going to be easy for LG, but the company is doing the right thing by rebranding its main series. Overall, the mobile division’s been slumping amid increased competition and thus sales have been less than ideal. So the company is setting out to rename its flagship and sway consumers from the two more popular brands dominating the industry.

LG appears interested in borrowing heavily from the iPhone X, Apple’s latest iPhone that’s arguably the most popular phone around today.

Working with Ben Geskin, we’re able to provide you with a look at what LG might have in the works. The concept images based on everything known up until this point show the 2018 flagship from the front and back in various settings.

Up front, LG will have a notch at the top of an edge-to-edge display. The bottom bezel does still look like a bit of a chin, but the top bezel has been shaved down to go right up to the edge. The notch is there to house the camera and other sensors.

Like what Apple and Essential have done with their notches, the company plans on placing the notification bar to the left and right so users get even more screen real estate.

The backside features a dual-camera setup with two-tone LED flash as well as laser autofocus. Below all of that is LG’s signature home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

Previous reports make it clear that the 2018 flagship will take qualities from the iPhone X. At MWC 2018, an Israeli publication managed to go behind the scenes and record video of the LG G7 (Neo). That initially looked like the canceled model, but mobile industry insider Evan Blass later confirmed it was indeed the actual flagship.

LG is now referring to the phone as Judy internally.

Specifications all but confirmed for the high-end phone include a 6-inch (3120×1440) OLED display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, up to 6GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of storage.

Racing with specs, however, isn’t going to win you anything. LG needs to introduce something fresh that separates itself from Samsung and Apple, as well as others, in the mobile industry.

Currently it’s expected that LG will make an announcement this spring, but the company has yet to confirm anything.