The G7 isn’t happening. Its would-be maker, LG, will be rebranding the G series into something no one knows about yet. After a few years of misses in the mobile industry, the company wants to reintroduce itself with a flagship that carries a name unlike anything else in its lineup. But the design and specifications are going to be just as important.

We’re getting a look at what is allegedly the South Korean company’s upcoming high-end phone. It’s not from a well-known source, though. So don’t go all-in on believing what you see here.

The leaks shows the front of LG’s 2018 flagship, highlighted by an all-screen front with minimal top and bottom bezels. Both the forehead and chin seem way thinner than what we saw on the G6 and V30 in 2017.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say. We see volume buttons on the left side and thus the power button is believed to be on the back. Up front we can also tell there are two front-facing cameras or one camera joined by a sensor. It’s possible LG implements some type of system for facial recognition.

From a design standpoint, this would certainly be an improvement for LG.

Not too many media outlets have picked up on this leak, and that’s because the source isn’t exactly well-known. There’s just no way to tell if someone put this together on a whim or if it’s actually based on private information. Usually renders are made after details regarding a phone leak; however, LG’s done a pretty good job keeping its next flagship hidden. So we’re encouraging everyone to take an extra grain of salt with the first grain when looking at this render.

Currently, it’s expected that LG will release its 2018 flagship in late April after a launch taking place sometime in March. The delay compared to previous years is to give the mobile division’s new leadership time to have their own strategy in place. With LG needing a win this year, it’s important for them to not rush anything.